Re-Purposing Your Holiday Leftovers

We all look forward to the holidays each year for many reasons, including delicious food, quality family time, and – most importantly – yummy leftovers! Eating turkey sandwiches while watching football games is a beloved family ritual in most homes, but it’s also fun to try something different. This season, create new traditions by re-purposing your holiday leftovers; you may discover delicious and innovative dishes that will become the new family favourites. Here are some fun recipes for you to try:

Turkey Turnovers

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One of the great benefits of these tasty turnovers is that you can make them in advance, freeze them, and warm them up for a party or another occasion on a later date. They can be made in a smaller size and served as appetizers or made in a larger size and served as a main dish.


Mashed Potato Balls

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You might think it’s impossible to improve on mashed potatoes, but this recipe makes it easy to do just that. These potato balls are made with a combination of ingredients that include bacon and breadcrumbs (and, of course, mashed potatoes) and work well as an appetiser or as a side dish.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Everybody craves pumpkin pie on around the holidays, but pumpkin chocolate chip cookies are even better. Using your cans of leftover pumpkin puree, along with chocolate chips and other ingredients, you will find it easy to make these mouthwatering cookies.


Shepherd’s Pie

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Typically shepherd’s pies are made with lamb meat, but turkey is a delicious alternative. This recipe uses leftover turkey, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, and isn’t difficult to make. Serve this to your family to make them feel like they are eating in an authentic British pub.


Turkey Hash

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Turkey for breakfast? No problem! This recipe uses leftover turkey, stuffing, and gravy (along with eggs and sausage) to create a unique dish that’s perfect for breakfast or brunch.


Turkey Soup

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This dish doesn’t just use leftover turkey – it incorporates leftover mashed potatoes and vegetables too. The mashed potatoes are formed into patties that are served alongside the soup to add a bit of crunch.


Sweet Potato Pie

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The easiest (and tastiest) way to use your leftover sweet potatoes is to bake them into a pie. You can use a pre-made crust and whipped cream to make this dish as simple and delicious as possible.

You can find the ingredients you need for these recipes and all of your other holiday dishes at your local Ream’s Food Store!





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