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Kearns Location

Kearns Location

  • Address:

    3665 W 6200 S
    Kearns, UT 84118

  • Main Phone:

    (801) 969-1999

  • Main Fax:

    (801) 969-2990

  • Store Hours:

    Mon-Sat 7am - 11pm
    Sun. 8am-10pm

  • Full Service Grocery Boots and Jeans Bakery
  • Location History:

    Our Kearns location was opened in October 1981. It has full service grocery,farm fresh produce,meat that is cut daily. It has a Bakery, and a Huge selection of Western Wear. This location is marked by a 150 foot custom built flagpole, which supports a 30x50 foot American flag.