Onions are amazing!

Whether making our food taste better or doing wonders for our health, many of you already know about the many benefits of onions.

Onions fascinate me, so for this article I compiled some things you may not know about this magical vegetable. From cooking to health to beauty, I hope you find ways to use onions in many areas of your life.

Cooking ‘Secrets’

Whenever most of us think of onions, we think of flavorful foods made better by this tasty vegetable. I wanted some cooking tips for this article that we haven’t tried before.

Some of the best secrets came from The Stir, starting with not just adding overpowering, raw onions to a salad. Celebrity chef Gail Simmons takes it further:

“Marinate your onions in salad dressing before you add them to your salad. It’s easy. When you go to make your salad, start by chopping or slicing your onions and then pour a vinegar or citrus-based dressing over them. Let them soak for about 10 or 15 minutes and their heat and flavor will mellow considerably. Then toss them and the dressing into your salad.

You can always strain the onions before adding them to your salad, if you’ve used more dressing than you actually want to eat.”

Also, try not to just add raw onions to whatever you are cooking as a main ingredient. According to The Stir, onions “are better when you consider them a garnish or a flavoring agent rather than an ingredient in a dish.” 

Here are a couple ways to prepare onions before adding them to your meal:

“1. Cook chopped onions in butter or oil until they’re soft and golden. You can do this along with garlic and peppers as long as everything is chopped about the same size.

2. Cook thinly-sliced onions with a little bit of water over low heat for about 30 minutes. Keep adding water as it evaporates. Eventually you’ll end up with super-sweet, golden-brown onions. And YES! You can do this with a Crock-Pot.”

What Conditions Onions Can Treat

Do you want natural remedies for what ails you?

Look no further than the powerful onion. According to Living Traditionally, the vegetable can be used to treat a long list of health issues, including:

  • Breaking up chest congestion
  • Colic
  • Ear pain and infection
  • Cuts
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Cleansing the air
  • Vomiting

Beautiful Onions

In this great article from Bustle, Kristin Collins Jackson breaks down two ways onions can improve your appearance.

because onions contain lots of sulfur, B-complex, vitamins A, C and E, Jackson writes that “they’re an amazing addition to your beauty game.”

Onions have powerful properties that can help stop hair loss and give you clearer skin.

Jackson says you should make your own “skin pack” with raw onion juice, gram flour and yogurt.

Here are the directions from Bustle:

“Start with a tablespoon of raw onion juice and just a half teaspoon of yogurt. Add enough flour to get a nice paste that you can apply directly on your skin for about 10 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.”

Onions can also contribute to a great acne face mask, according to Bustle. The ingredients for this evening concoction include: raw onion juice, neem oil and tomato juice.

“These ingredients are powerful pore cleansers and although it’s not going to take your makeup off FOR you, it’s definitely going [to] alleviate redness of pimples and lighten acne scars quickly and with little to no skin irritation.”

Finally, hair loss. Did you know that onions can help you avoid it?

Check out Jackson’s advice:

“If your hairline is getting pissed by all the pulling and tugging, try adding raw onion juice to olive oil to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth.”

And of course, there are plenty of onions available for purchase at your nearest Ream’s Food Store!