Valentine’s Day is Coming Up!

It’s easy to let winter blues get you down as the kids feel cramped up inside and we all painstakingly watch the days get slightly longer one excruciatingly slow minute at a time. Valentine’s Day is a great respite from the chilly routine and a chance to brighten things up with hearts, crafts, and love. Help your kids make this sweet holiday fun through great cards, candy, and DIY projects. We’ve put together 10 playful pastimes for your whole family to have an amazing “crafternoon.”

1. Yarn Wrapped Hearts

Little fingers will enjoy getting their heart shape just right with these clever crafts. All you need is some pipe cleaner and yarn to make a half hour of quality time together. It’s a great chance to chat when little minds are engaged–you’ll be amazed at what they’ll open up and share while doing something engaging.

2. Heart Crayons

Everyone has that box of rogue broken or old crayons in mismatched shapes and sizes. We had a great time stealing this charming idea from Creative Mommas to reduce, reuse, and recycle what many would chuck out as garbage. Break up the crayons into smaller pieces, organize into different silicone heart-shaped molds by color, and melt for just a few minutes in the oven. Once they’re cooled down and reset, you will have adorable, new, and functional art supplies on your hands! Giving the writing utensils new life will entice your kiddos to use them again; or, if you have enough broken crayons this would make a great gift alternative for their classmates from those boring old chalky candies. That reusing is sure to save you money too–so it’s a win-win-win for you, your clutter, and the environment!

3. Fragrant Heart-Shaped Soaps

A relaxing bath or spa day is not limited to those with lots of expendable income. With just a few ingredients, your family will have a classic and thoughtful gift to any of your valentines. Silicone molds and a simple recipe of coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, lye, and distilled soap are the components for the “grownups” portion of this project (a little stove top work is involved). However your kids can go crazy choosing scents from different essential oils, and solid pieces to infuse into the soap, like the dried lavender pictured. These finishing touches to make a luxurious aromatherapy experience are the really great part anyhow.

4. Valen-Heart Suncatcher

This one may take a little more time, but the uses are very versatile as they can be hung in a window, descending from the ceiling, or incorporated into a card. Whatever application you choose, the kiddos will finally be able to put to use all your old tissue paper. With that, some construction paper, and plain ol’ Elmer’s glue they’ll be all set to make a sweet and unique faux-stained glass masterpiece.

5. Heart Origami

This is the perfect task for the kids with fastidious fingers and a gift for detail this Valentine’s Day. A few pieces of paper, some patience, and they’ll have sweet and perfect gift for all their friends.

6. Love Bug Toilet Rolls

It’s a great lesson for kids to learn that fun can be found all around them. Repurposing old toilet paper rolls is free and uncomplicated…and once they’re done painting and gluing them into cute little creatures, your kids will be more open minded to the interesting things they can do with all the mundane innocuous items all around them, increasing their creativity and imagination–something our electronics driven age can certainly use more of.

7. Paper Heart Chain

This is a great way to master scissors for little hands and can be a enjoyable project for the young or young at heart. When the chains are done you’ll even have adorable seasonal decor you can enjoy all month long.

8. Celery Flower Cards

Daddy isn’t the only one who gets to give mommy “flowers” on Valentine’s Day now! This darling idea will give your little ones a new and fresh way to feel apart of February traditions. Super simple, they can make a picture just for you, or cards for the whole family!

9. Classic Valentine Sugar Cookies

This yummy activity will give the whole family a fix of sweet and allow the kids to run wild with creativity. Buy all your favorite heart candies, sprinkles, colored frosting, and cake toppers to really make them festive and allow your young loved ones carte blanche.

10. Fingerprint Photo Frame Valentine

This is an easy and entertaining craft that would make a perfect gift for grandma or grandpa. The free form style allows kids to have fun and explore, while the price tag is super reasonable given most of the supplies can be found in the craft aisle at your local Ream’s. Pick up an inexpensive, basic frame, some craft paint, and print out your kid’s best insta-pic…and you have an adorable keepsake. Thanks to One Artsy Mama for the great idea.